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Embracing Change in Ireland's Oldest City - €300 Million Investment

The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings. Okakura Kakuzō

Waterford is buzzing with news that the City will soon experience an enormous investment of €300m. Announced today that Saudi Arabian group Al Hokair, has agreed terms to develop the Michael Street Shopping Centre and the North Quays.


With stories spinning around the airwaves, in print and commentary on social media, I can't stop thinking about the late Nicky Fewer and how very proud he would be of his son Ian Fewer and Niall Harrington for creating the investor collaboration with Waterford City Council through Fewer Harrington & Partners. In an abstract sort of way, I am thinking that Nicky’s legacy lives on through these latest achievements of Fewer Harrington and will continue for generations to come.

Nicky was a loyal supporter and wonderful ambassador for his beloved Waterford and was the 31st person awarded Freedom of the City. A gentleman, honourable and compassionate, he was a visionary, an architect and business man who skilfully identified and created opportunities to promote and support sustainability in the economic and cultural development of Waterford.

With this deal of €300 million investment, it will certainly create change and generate uncertainty unlike anything we've witnessed before in my generation but it also brings huge excitement about the future for our city and county for jobs, population growth and the quality of our lives. It is a huge signature of confidence for Waterford’s place in markets nationally and internationally. Our strengths and opportunities rightfully positions Waterford as a city and county with enormous competitive advantage in the South East.

So as we prepare in Waterford for the art of life's readjustment and plan to embrace this opportunity, we can all play our part to put Waterford back on the national and international map. We can make our own personal investment in positivity to be proud of our City as an economic, innovative and great place to work, to raise and educate our families, to start, run and grow our businesses, to build careers and above all to create a better and more desirable and enviable place to live!

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